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​Tips for Newbies to Business

Tips for Newbies to BusinessManaging a business is like going on a roller coaster ride, some are in total fear of it but some people will embrace every essence of it. In business, you will no be sure how the journey will be for you, until you take the leap and get on the ride. If you are lucky, [...]

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POS System: Which one is Best?

Just as everyone has become highly dependent on computers, many of the businesses depend on computerized transactions and functions on a day-to-day basis. Computers helps to make the work easy and it keeps everything organized. If you are looking for a POS System, there are some things that you need to consider to be able to maximize your investment. Know [...]

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​Estimating Sales Online

Estimating Sales OnlineIt is always exciting to start a new endeavour. Starting a business can be exciting but it is easy to be overwhelmed by it, so you will need to be careful. No matter how seemingly great an idea is, you should never dive into it. Always take things at a stride, especially in business. Take calculated steps towards [...]

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​Good Website Hosting for your first Website

Good Website HostingIt is not easy to own a website. It is not merely about setting things up and hitting publish—it does not end with that. When you own a website, you need to pick good web hosting because the behaviour of your page online is going to be dependent on this.Finding a Web HostOne of the trickiest things about owning a [...]

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Monthly Emailing and Constant Contact

Monthly Emailing and Constant Contact Keeping constant contact with your clients and potential ones is important because it helps to keep them updated and in touch with your company, any updates and news you may have. It reminds them you exist and it keeps you at the top of their list. There are emailing systems that you [...]

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How Do You Collect Data On Your Customers?

How Do You Collect Data On Your Customers? Your business is sustained by the customers. There may be several other factors that come into play but ultimately, you need your customers and to keep them satisfied and wanting more, you have to know who they are, what they need and what they want. Data collection is part [...]

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What Do You Post On Your Business Facebook Page?

What Do You Post On Your Business Facebook Page? Social networking sites are of great value to businesses of all kinds. Since bulk of the consumers are online and a percentage of these internet users spend their time on social networks, it is important to become visible on the likes of Facebook, possibly the most important [...]

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The Future of Google SEO

The Future of Google SEO SEO has always been a tricky thing and with the many strategies that website owners could carryout, it used to be an unfair deal. To get to the top you need to employ the most effective SEO strategies and it should not matter how good or bad your content is. If [...]

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Using Business Lists in Australia

Using Business Lists in Australia in Today's Modern Times Considering that the concept of using business lists in Australia has been around for more than a decade, some business owners think that investing on business listings is not an effective marketing strategy in today's modern times. What they do not realize is that current consumer trends [...]

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Re-Designed Website Look

At Core List, one of our core values is keeping things simple and effective. With this in mind, we have given our products page a new look, by moving the text to the top of the page. This gets straight to the point by moving the amount of contacts and the breakdown of the data [...]

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