​Tips for Newbies to Business

Posted by Cory List on 22nd Apr 2014

Tips for Newbies to BusinessManaging a business is like going on a roller coaster ride, some are in total fear of it but some people will embrace every essence of it. In business, you will no be sur … read more

POS System: Which one is Best?

Posted by Cory List on 25th Mar 2014

Just as everyone has become highly dependent on computers, many of the businesses depend on computerized transactions and functions on a day-to-day basis. Computers helps to make the work easy and … read more

​Estimating Sales Online

Posted by Cory List on 25th Feb 2014

Estimating Sales OnlineIt is always exciting to start a new endeavour. Starting a business can be exciting but it is easy to be overwhelmed by it, so you will need to be careful. No matter how see … read more

​Good Website Hosting for your first Website

Posted by Cory List on 9th Feb 2014

Good Website HostingIt is not easy to own a website. It is not merely about setting things up and hitting publish—it does not end with that. When you own a website, you need to pick good web hosti … read more

Monthly Emailing and Constant Contact

28th Jan 2014

Monthly Emailing and Constant Contact Keeping constant contact with your clients and potential ones is important because it helps to keep them updated and in touch with your company, any updates and … read more