Using Business Lists in Australia

22nd Sep 2013

Using Business Lists in Australia in Today's Modern Times

Considering that the concept of using business lists in Australia has been around for more than a decade, some business owners think that investing on business listings is not an effective marketing strategy in today's modern times. What they do not realize is that current consumer trends indicate that that this strategy is more relevant than ever. Here are some of these trends.

The number of tech-savvy Australians is increasing

According to a study conducted by JWT Intelligence in 2012, 81% of Australians spend their leisure time in front of a computer. Another study worth noting is the consumer study conducted by TNS Australia in 2011 which indicates that 16% of Australians who spend their leisure time using a computer or a smart phone are regularly shopping online. These studies indicate that building an online presence in any way is imperative in today's times since most consumers are relying on the internet to find what they need.

Consumers are on the hunt for deals

Consumers are getting smarter when it comes to finding deals and discounts. No longer is it a sign of financial inferiority to look for items that are on sale since it is now a sign of being a smart consumer. This is why businesses should utilize Australian business lists to advertise their latest offers since more consumers are looking for these bargains.

Consumers compare prices

Aside from looking for deals, consumers are also comparing the price tags of similar business establishments to see which company can offer them the most affordable deal. This is why business lists in Australia are also useful to consumers since it provides them with a list of legitimate businesses in an orderly and easy-to-browse fashion. Hence, businesses that are listed have a higher chance of being found by a potential customer.