Posted by Cory List on 22nd Apr 2014

​Tips for Newbies to Business

Tips for Newbies to BusinessManaging a business is like going on a roller coaster ride, some are in total fear of it but some people will embrace every essence of it. In business, you will no be sur …

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Posted by Cory List on 25th Mar 2014

POS System: Which one is Best?

Just as everyone has become highly dependent on computers, many of the businesses depend on computerized transactions and functions on a day-to-day basis. Computers helps to make the work easy and …

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Posted by Cory List on 25th Feb 2014

​Estimating Sales Online

Estimating Sales OnlineIt is always exciting to start a new endeavour. Starting a business can be exciting but it is easy to be overwhelmed by it, so you will need to be careful. No matter how see …

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Posted by Cory List on 9th Feb 2014

​Good Website Hosting for your first Website

Good Website HostingIt is not easy to own a website. It is not merely about setting things up and hitting publish—it does not end with that. When you own a website, you need to pick good web hosti …

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