28th Jan 2014

Monthly Emailing and Constant Contact

Monthly Emailing and Constant Contact

Keeping constant contact with your clients and potential ones is important because it helps to keep them updated and in touch with your company, any updates and news you may have. It reminds them you exist and it keeps you at the top of their list.

There are emailing systems that you can make use for this purpose. To keep things organized and to be able to keep track of things, you can install a program on your computer that will do all that. You can also make a decision to do things on your own because ultimately, all the things that the program does can be done by anyone.

Encountering the Pros and Cons

When you make a decision to start a monthly emailing routine, you have the option to use a program, but is it worth it?

  • If your contacts are less than 100, you are better off doing things on your own. You do not need a sophisticated program that will automate your function. For less than a hundred contacts, you can connect easily with them.
  • Before thinking of spending a big sum of money on an expensive system, why not scour the internet for free services. Most of the free systems provide free full-function programs for a limited number of contacts, so you do not have to spend a single cent on anything.
  • Every single system is independent and unique. To find your perfect match, you can go through your different options. Some businessmen and marketers go through one system after another, in search of a perfect one. With trial and error you will be able to properly study the differences and make a sound decision about them.

The bottom line of things is that you have your contacts lined up. Obtaining emails from contacts are not so complicated, especially if you know what you are doing. Telemarketing is the most basic method of gathering in client information. It is a little tricky, especially if you are not used to it, but it should be easy with a telemarketing script. The most effective telemarketing spiel is direct to the point. It hits straight and does not waste time, so that you can immediately engage and get their attention.

What you do here it what keeps the ball rolling. If you do this right the next contact you make is just going to be a piece of cake.