The Future of Google SEO

23rd Dec 2013

The Future of Google SEO

SEO has always been a tricky thing and with the many strategies that website owners could carryout, it used to be an unfair deal. To get to the top you need to employ the most effective SEO strategies and it should not matter how good or bad your content is. If the algorithm is right, you reap results. If you tinker with keywords, tags and are able to do things right, your website is set. You can be guaranteed top stop in search lists and all it takes is for you to know how to do it or at least have the money to do pay someone to do it.

With the changes that have come all of the strategies will people webmasters used to employ will have to be altered, as well—and much more could be expected.

Good Content vs. Keyword Manipulation

With all honesty, all this deal about Google preferring good content is for the good of all. A site with a good content is one that is properly written and informative. A site that comes at the top of search list should be relevant to the search made and when Google focuses on content, it is making sure to deliver just what the readers are looking for. 

So why should one focus on content?

  • When you provide your readers with good content you are not just relying on one time visitors but are guaranteeing regular readership and interest to be developed.
  • When you provide readers with good content, they will more likely stay on the site and keep reading. If they like what they see, they will keep on asking for more and affect the site’s bounce rate.
  • When you provide readers with good content, you can trust that readers will take the option to subscribe to your feed—so that they can get access to new posts and updates.
  • What you provide readers with good content, you will deliver exactly what they want and good fortune should cascade beautifully for you. At the same time, advertisers will favour your site and campaigns will flock.

When you provide readers with good content, and if this website is devoted for your business, you can expect an increase in your income and revenue.