Posted by Cory List on 11th Jun 2014

​Creditor’s Statutory Demand – How to Get Paid Faster!

Are dealing with debtors who are giving you a hard time? Maybe you made deal with a company before and expected to get compensated, but the money just never came. This is a common problem and if you are constantly dealing with this issue, know that there is something that you could do.

A Creditor’s Statutory Demand will be very useful. As long as you know what you are doing, you can receive payments from your debtors, without much hassle:

  • A Creditor’s Statutory Demand gives the creditor the chance to threaten a debtor with a Supreme Court hearing. It is not easy to come after your debtors, but it will be much simpler when you have the Supreme Court working with you. A Creditor’s Statutory Demand will save you the hassle because the legalities will be settled for you.
  • As long as the debt owed to you is more than $2000, this setting will immediately apply to you. With the Creditor’s Statutory Demand, you can compel a company to pay you within 21 days. You are assured 21 days because they cannot seek any extension.
  • Just make sure that your debtor cannot bring arguments regarding your claim. If your case is solid and you have evidence to back your claim, you can get paid without any problem. Anyway, that money is yours and no one else has the right to keep it from being yours.

Not a lot of people are aware of this option, but you are now armed with a perfect weapon. With the Creditor’s Statutory Demand, you can finally get paid in just 21 days, or things will escalate to a full blown case. A company fails to comply with the demands of this document will find themselves dealing with insolvency. Since no one would like to be dealing with this, they will settle their debt and you go home happy.