Posted by Cory List on 8th Jul 2014

​Best Bank to Get a Decent Size Loan with as a SMB

Getting a loan can be trick, at times, but it is how you are able to afford large purchases, so knowing how to obtain one is going to be essential. Unfortunately inasmuch as everyone would want to be approved for a loan, lenders follow a process to be able to determine capacity to pay. Lenders need to secure their money because it is a common thing for debtors to make an overestimation of their capacity and end up being unable to pay their fees. This is a burden for lenders so they need to be strict when they pass approvals.

Bank Loans

The most obvious way to get a loan is to go to a bank for what you need. Often it is safer to do business with a bank you already have an existing account with.

In the case of bank loans, your bank details will be assessed, along with your tax returns. Unfortunately, banks will require you be in business for more than 2 years, for your application to be valid. This automatically means that new business will not be able to get loan approvals through this.

Non-Bank Lender

If you are not prepared to wait two years for your eligibility, you can decide to take up a loan through a non-bank lender. These processes are less tedious than banks because they often just require you to declare your bank statement or provide a certification of your income. The only issue with non-bank lenders is that interest rates are a little higher as compared to banks, but you get the money you need, when you need it—less questions asked.

Basically, if you are willing to shoulder the increased interest rates, there should not be a problem.

Other Options

The most untraditional way is to have someone eligible take the loan for you. This is tricky for the one whose name you will be using because he or she will be in trouble if you are unable to make payments. It is often hard to find someone who would be willing to support you on this, even from your own family because it involves a great financial risk—one that everyone would rather avoid having.