Posted by Cory List on 24th Jul 2014

What's the Point - E-Commerce Site with No Traffic

So you have your business setup, you also have your e-commerce website ready—you are all set to launch your online business, but how do you drive traffic in? Traffic is very significant because traffic means people getting into your site and doing business, which should eventually translate to revenues. Working on increasing traffic into the site, ultimately improves the performance of your business so you need to know how to manage this.

  1. Build a fully functional website. Make sure your website is serving the purpose you want it to serve. It should be fully functional and it needs to be easy-to-use. You want a straightforward site that will attract people and not one that will cause people to leave and move on. You want it user-friendly and secure, because that is what customers expect when they are looking to do some business.
  2. Know your target audience. Your target audience is a specific group of people who are most likely to do business with you. When you establish your company you need to know who you wish to cater to so that you can target your marketing efforts to baiting them effectively. You want to reach your audience, so that you can do business with them. Understand that having no sense of direction will mean wasting time and effort.
  3. Establish and signify your brand. Remember that you are a company and to better signify your presence, your brand needs to be well-presented. Your logo, business name, image and overall presentation should be cohesive. To perfectly engage with your target market, all these things have to call out to the people you mean to do business with. You need to be thorough with these things and it should translate to your e-commerce site. Your brand should be solid from the word “go” so that everything will be perfect.
  4. Market your business well. To bring business in, you need to lure the market to your site. There are different marketing efforts that you can carryout for your website and you can choose one that will correspond to your very need.

While there are strategies that you can carryout for no cost, sometimes spending will generate better and more fruitful results. In business, you will need to make investments if you wish to make it big. Be smart about making these investments, of course, and do not just carelessly throw things all over the place.