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Schools in USA - Building up a Database

The List of Schools in USA - Ideal Tool in Building up a Database of Contacts for Business Owners, Sales People and Marketing ManagersThe List of Schools in USA served as a database of one-hundred thirteen thousand one-hundred sixty schools. This usually presents the contact details from the different states in the United States. Also, this is an [...]

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​Economic Growth = Destruction of the Environment?

The value of this planet is definitely taken for granted by many. This is home. This is a dwelling place. If it is lost, there is no home left for you and everyone and everything that exists. Life in this planet is valuable and so this planet itself is not to be underestimated. To secure the life within, the [...]

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​Pay Page On Wordpress Website

When you have a website and this page functions as an online shop for your business, you need this page to perform accordingly. You need it be serve your clients, in a straightforward fashion, so it needs to have a gallery that will showcase your products and it should come with an easy checkout or paying system. Online shops [...]

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​Offering Free Postage Was A Disaster

When you open an online business, there are a lot of thing that you need to concern yourself about: the company website which needs to be a fully functional e-commerce page that will take down orders and accept online payments; the website should have a functional checkout system that will accept various payment methods (credit card, debit or the likes [...]

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Australian Small Business Grants 2014

This is a range of Small Business Grants and funding sources available to Australian Businesses. It is not an exhaustive list, but gives a good range of the grants available currently. If any links or information are not current, please let us know.  Description Amounts Expiry Date City of Melbourne Small Business Grants The program provides financial assistance to small businesses currently [...]

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What's the Point - E-Commerce Site with No Traffic

So you have your business setup, you also have your e-commerce website ready—you are all set to launch your online business, but how do you drive traffic in? Traffic is very significant because traffic means people getting into your site and doing business, which should eventually translate to revenues. Working on increasing traffic into the site, ultimately improves the performance [...]

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​Best Bank to Get a Decent Size Loan with as a SMB

Getting a loan can be trick, at times, but it is how you are able to afford large purchases, so knowing how to obtain one is going to be essential. Unfortunately inasmuch as everyone would want to be approved for a loan, lenders follow a process to be able to determine capacity to pay. Lenders need to secure their [...]

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​Creditor’s Statutory Demand – How to Get Paid Faster!

Are dealing with debtors who are giving you a hard time? Maybe you made deal with a company before and expected to get compensated, but the money just never came. This is a common problem and if you are constantly dealing with this issue, know that there is something that you could do.A Creditor’s Statutory Demand will be very useful. [...]

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​I am Crying Because of Australia Post – What Options Do I Have?

In online businesses, especially those who will be offering products, shipping arrangement will be one of the toughest to setup because you need to find a company that you can trust to keep your package secure; you need to choose a company that will deliver the goods on time; you need to choose a company that can secure the [...]

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​Purchasing an Existing Business with Personal Funds

Purchasing an Existing Business with Personal FundsWhen people make massive purchases, like in the case of buying a business, it does not matter how much money they have on their personal account, they usually go through bank financing to make things more official.Some people, however, would choose to go the other way. If they can afford it, they will [...]

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