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This List contains the basic contact information for 1,504,731 Businesses in Australia. The database of Businesses details covers all States and Territories in Australia.

Updated February 2021

This database includes 581,741 contacts with email addresses. However, many emails are duplicated, as many companies will have multiple locations or operate in multiple industries and will only list the general contact email.

This database contains the data from all of our other databases combined into one file.We supply the most comprehensive list of Businesses in Australia and the list has been created according to your requirements and it eliminates the hustle of searching for new contacts and prospects.

Our Australian Businesses Database is an ideal tool for instantly building up your own contact database for marketing and research. It is well suited to people in positions such as:

  • Existing Business looking to increase market share
  • Sales Managers and Executives
  • Direct Mail Centres and Letterbox Drops for Businesses
  • Directors of Companies
  • New Business Owners
  • Marketing Managers
  • Government Divisions

The List of Businesses is available to be instantly downloaded from the Core List website you are on. Its format as a Microsoft Excel file, make it easy to use and can be opened by most computers by Using Excel, Google Docs and in some cases Mac Numbers.

Examples of some Industries that would benefit from a copy of our Businesses in Australia List are

  • Job Placement Agencies
  • Health and Safety Officers and Inspectors
  • Lawyers
  • Office Furniture Companies
  • Finance and Banking
  • Accountant Firms
  • Advertising Providers
  • Computer Stores
  • Stationary and Printer Supplies
  • Industry Specific Computer Program Developers
  • Insurance Agents

It is easy to sort the records to select the specific information you need, you can easily select the State, Postcodes or Cities you wish to target. This is done by sorting the columns alphabetically or numerically. The columns that the list is sorted by are below. 

Once our website has processed your payment, the system automatically sends an email to the email address provided. This constitutes a Tax Invoice which also includes the download link for the file. If it is not there within around 10 mins, check the Spam Folder on your email program , if it is not there, just log in to your account on our website (one was created with you Order details saved). You may have to reset your password to access it, this is straightforward and prompts you on what to do.

You should be aware of Australia’s Anti-Spam Laws put in place to prevent abuse of email marketing. The ACMA manages this in Australia, here is a link to them where you can get more information -

Buying Email Lists from suppliers who sell bulk email contacts can be risky. As, generally speaking, they are not really allowed to do this in Australia. Purchasing a bulk email list from an unscrupulous operator could put you in a position where you are liable for hefty fines if your email to the list is not in compliance with the Can Spam Act of Australia.

Please note that by purchasing a list from us at Core List Pty Ltd, it does not give you permission to Spam people, you as the sender should be aware of the rules concerning spam and telemarketing. We accept no responsibility for the messages you send and will not be held liable. 


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    Best Suit

    Posted by Michelle on 24th Apr 2020

    This list best suits my business needs, particularly the size of the audience. It's worth the price.

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    The list helps me accelerate my lead generation growth.

    Posted by Jacob Ricks on 9th Oct 2019

    The list helps me accelerate my lead generation growth. This is one of the absolute fastest ways to keep the sales funnel continuously topped up with warm leads.Thanks

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    Australian Business list

    Posted by John Airs on 14th Apr 2019

    Very handy for Marketing , only issue from me is the amount of emails.

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    Huge difference!

    Posted by Ali on 30th Mar 2016

    This product create a huge impact in my company. Phone numbers and few email address can really make a difference. In terms of time and quality of marketing strategy, this list will answer to that problem.

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    not bad a t all

    Posted by Jeff on 2nd Sep 2015

    It's not bad at all if you want a good list. It fills the bills. Thanks

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    Great deal!

    Posted by Greg F. on 11th Dec 2014

    The Business list is a great deal actually. You can find everything you need ,every category is in here. Great price and thanks to Kristine for great customer service! Thanks a lot

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    Posted by Henry5 on 27th Jun 2014

    Got this as a gift from a friend.